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Our Maintainance

Micra Air Conditioning Services offer premium maintenance support for all your air-conditioning installations. 

Micra Air Conditioning Services recommend regular service contracts to maintain and service your installations in accordance with the recommendations laid down by the manufacturers.

It is cost effective to carry out maintenance schedules as this will not only prevent equipment breakdown but also insure optimum working and effective energy use.

Commercial Installations

Commercial air conditioning systems are a mainstay of office environments. If they go down it may prove very costly.  Micra Air Conditioning service technicians are among the most highly trained in the HVAC industry.  We service all HVAC systems, all makes, all types and systems not installed or commissioned by ourselves.
Our expertise extends far beyond commercial and industrial cooling products.  We can provide the resources to service your entire facility from chillers to small rooftop units, cooling towers, pumps, boilers, and control systems.

Whether you have one building, or multiple sites nationwide, whatever your equipment and your facility requirements are, we can recommend a solution that fits your goals and meets your budget requirements.

We help you achieve bottom-line savings by ensuring your equipment is operating at peak performance and that you are taking advantage of today's latest energy-saving HVAC technologies.  Poorly maintained systems can consume far more power than necessary.

We are generally able to offer a fast call out service.

Residential/Shops/Restaurants etc

It's essential that relatively small systems also undergo at least an annual maintenance check. This can prove cost effective in the long run as it can prevent major malfunctions and save on expensive repair bills.  Above and beyond that, keeping an external condenser unit clear of leaves and debris is very important and should be checked once a month to keep the airflow strong.

Servicing an air conditioning unit
Also, be sure to change the filter at the inside unit in accordance with the recommended intervals suggested at installation.  If your air conditioning is running but not cooling, check for blockages at the condenser unit, otherwise the refrigerant probably needs to be professionally replenished.  If your system won't run at all then it's sensible to call for our services so we can make a complete maintenance check and replace any defective components.
Services to satisfy corporate customers as well as those seeking small low budget office/home installations.

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